Some Recent Projects .....

..... a selection of some of the consultancy services and projects undertaken over the last three years. Download my CV here to get a detailed history.

  • Project management and strategic support to several development projects, such as the DKTI Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings project in Serbia and two water sector projects in Jordan.
  • Strategy workshop, CapacityWORKS management model and re-design of project strategy, review of the M&E system, two energy efficiency in building projects, Bosnia-Herzegovina & Serbia
  • Project Evaluation and Planning Mission, Promotion of a climate-friendly power pool in West Africa, OECD-DAC Criteria and Capacity WORKS assessment , development of project strategy and methodological design (impact model, result matrix, CD-strategy), ECOWAS region
  • Backstopping for the BMZ/DFID co-funded "Employment for Development (E4D)" program on developing public private partnerships in Africa, including portfolio quality control, country strategy development, individual partmershp assessments and learning platform.
  • Team Leader, Project Evaluation (PEV) and appraisal of follow-on measure, reporting, special consideration to large-scale co-funding, drafting of BMZ offer documentation, Transboundary Water Management in SADC, a joint BMZ-DFID-DFAT project, SADC / Botswana.
  • Strategy Support for DKTI Programme on Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings, team review of selected Capacity WORKS success factors, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Business linkage, procurement and marketing support for a six-year management contract for a vocational training centre with eight technical and industrial vocations in Rivers State, Nigeria, Zentralstelle für die Weiterbildung im Handwerk (ZWH).
  • Project Evaluation and Planning Mission, Climate Change in Latin-America and the Caribbean, responsible for evaluation according to OECD/DAC Criteria and Capacity Works Success Factors, result model design, drafting of BMZ offer and documentation, GIZ / Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, USA.
  • Consultancy for the revitalisation of the "Agricultural Public-Private Dialogue Mechanism" in Ghana, including review, broad stakeholder consultation, concept development and kick-off, GIZ - Market Oriented Agriculture Program (MOAP) and Public Enterprise Foundation (PEF).